4 Things Your Palm Says About Your Married Life

Most of us live under the notion that the future is unpredictable. Some of us always keep wishing that only if we could get a glimpse of what’s in store for us in the future, we could be a little more confident in our lives and make the right decisions to get to our destiny. There’s one part of the future though that we all are always anxious about — the future of our marriage lives. This is because we all know that marriage as it is, is a gamble; it changes our lives completely, it changes us completely! And we always want to make sure that the person we’re tying the knot with is indeed the one for us.
 4 Things Your Palm Says About Your Married Life


One way to find out about your marriage life is to look down at your hands, especially the palms, and you can surely end up getting a glimpse of your marriage fortune or misfortune. We are talking about palmistry here. It’s an ancient art that can help you know what’s to come in your life and you don’t always need a palm reader to tell you about it. If you are aware of the simple interpretation of the indentations and lines, it’s enough to reveal different aspects of your life and even others. While some of the lines help indicate personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses; other lines help reveal what’s to come and more about destiny. Here’s a guide to your marriage life through palmistry that we’ve curated for you. Read on.

First, The Fundamentals

  • Men need to look at their left palm
  • Women need to look at their right palm
  • Heart Line: It’s the horizontal line that is prominent on the palm. It crosses your palm and starts very closely to the little finger.
  • Head Line: This is also a horizontal line. It is parallel to the heart line and is closer to the thumb
  • Life Line: This is the line that starts from your wrist and goes up towards the headline of the palm
  • Marriage Line: It’s a tiny line above the heart line and is horizontal
  • Fate Line: It’s a rare line, it crosses the head and heart lines vertically
  • Girdle Of Venus: It’s a semicircle from your little finger to your index finger
  • Mercury Line: It’s a rare line that starts from the life line and touches the mercury point.

Now that we know how to identify these lines, let’s have a look at what these lines indicate about one’s marriage life.

1. It Indicates The Age When You Might Get Married

The marriage line’s position indicates at what age you will get married to the love of your life. If this line is found to be halfway between your life line and little finger — it signals that you will get married in your mid-twenties. If it is lesser than half way — you’ll get married in your early twenties. And if it is three quarters up, which is more than halfway — you’ll mostly get married in your late twenties or mid-thirties.

2. Married Life

A detailed observation of your marriage line will give you an idea about how your marriage life will go by.  If the line has breaks or gaps, it indicates that there can be separation for some time which will be followed by a reunion. A steady, smooth, long line indicates a happy, steady married life.

3. The Number Of Kids

If you look at your marriage line carefully, you’ll notice perpendicular lines on it. The number of these perpendicular lines will indicate the number of kids you might have in the future. If the perpendicular line splits up, it’s an indication of twins!

4. The Heartbreak

The tiny lines which initiate from the heart line and go till the base of your palm signal out that there can be a breakup and that your relationship might fall apart. The presence of a horizontal line connecting the heart line with head line indicates that you might have a troubled relationship. You can find out if the time for you to fall in love is right or not by observing when these lines appear tiny. If they appear tiny, then it’s a green signal and you can happily take the plunge!

Whether you are a believer in palmistry or not, it’s always nice to learn and know something new, especially when it’s got to do with your love life or marriage life, right? Sit down with your partner and check each other’s palms. It will be a fun exercise, trust us! Have you heard or read about palmistry before? Do let us know in the comments below.

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