What a man REALLY sees when you’re naked (not what you think)


Not at all what we expected!

Women, once undressed, tend to think of their curves which “nestle” as Bridget Jones rightly put it. One of the zones (or more) of the “winning trifecta” is probably included: the belly, the thighs, and the bu**tocks.

On the other hand, men quickly take the plunge and almost immediately look at the parts they prefer, whether a woman is dressed or better yet … Naked.

Certain films have given us precious information on what men really think when they see us naked and when they find us enough to their liking. The place where he looks tells us a lot about the parts of the body he prefers.

Ladies, if you want to know what really makes the guy who stares at you – follow his eyes

– If we look at you from head to toe, it is because we are certain men with feet, legs or bu**tocks.
– If we look at you from head to toe, we are certainly more interested in the eyes, the lips / the smile or the chest.

Be careful, I am not saying that the whole is not important – because obviously it is – but that our eyes are directed first of all towards what we prefer.

The mental image we create from your naked body is retained in our long-term memory and can be revived by our dreams years later. In fact, the only things stored in this area of ​​our brain are the mental images of your naked bodies and of us doing you-know-what.

There is no room in this area for other things, such as flaws or imperfections.

We see you, no matter where and when, and we think you’re pretty good!

But here’s the best …

We start to talk a little. Then … You say IT. LE is exactly what a man wants to hear:

Yeah i love to cook

I love watching football.

I was told I was a nympho but I don’t think this is true.

I am a former gymnast.

Well, hello there …

Remember that movie – Mary at all costs – in which Matt Dillon organized a perfect date for Cameron Diaz? He opens the door of his car, they start talking and she says “oh, you’re an architect” … Then he asks her for a few cents because he only has Nepalese coins, to which she answers ” oh, did you go to Nepal? ”

Everyone dreams of finding the man of their dreams or the perfect woman. In reality, we know that it does not exist. But there are a few short moments, during which you can be perfect.

And whether or not you’re perfect for it has nothing to do with what you look like without your clothes on. We love you naked, anyway.

Whether he is like “feet-in-the-head” or “head-to-toe”, what is certain is that he takes mental pictures that he will remember during a meeting. you later, he thinks you’re beautiful, but you know the best? It was what came out of your mouth that made him fall in love with you. Does that speak to you, ladies? Yes! Exactly.

Isn’t that wonderful news?

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