3 Ways To Experience More Pleasure In Your Life


We all want to feel good, and sometimes we are too stressed out to enjoy life. Over the years I have found three ways to experience more pleasure now.

Have you noticed that it is easier to feel sexy during Summer?

I love the heat; I love that women are wearing short skirts and I like to be able to lay naked in the sun.

If you haven’t given naked sunbathing a try, you ought to do it at least once. There’s something so liberating about it.

So, the other day, I was enjoying a fun day with friends at the only nude beach in San Diego, Blacks Beach.

It is my favorite place to be because there’s nothing more freeing and exhilarating than swimming naked in the ocean. If you haven’t tried it yet, you owe it to yourself.

On that particular day, I witnessed a sight that took my breath away and is forever engraved in my memory.

The Vision Of A Mermaid

Picture a beautiful, naked woman. Her long brown hair down her back, curvaceous body and perky breasts, totally immersed in her pleasure.

She was kneeling and was using sand to caress her body, gathering the sand to a mound between her legs, letting it drizzle down her chest and belly, touching her body as she drew the sand over her curves.

The connection she was having with the elements was palpable, and the sight was delicious. She was in harmony with herself and nature.

She was turned on from the inside out, and I could feel the genuine joy and innocence of her play. Watching her aroused my senses, and suddenly the world seemed brighter.

You see, being in our pleasure is a gift we give to others, it inspires and transforms the ones around us.

Most of us want to enjoy life more fully, but most people have forgotten how.

Today’s invitation to you is to create more intimacy with all of life.

Three Ways To Experience More Pleasure In Your Life



Notice how we are always running from one thing to another, without a pause. Our nervous systems are bombarded continuously and wired to the max.

There will always be a to-do list, so accept that and give yourself permission for some downtime.

Just relaxing into “what is” acts as a catalyst that releases all of your stress.

Feel your feet on the Earth, feel the weight of your body and enjoy the moment fully.


Pay attention to the movement of the breath. Feel your inhale and exhale. Listen to the sound of your breathing.

Your breath is your inner lover. You activate your feminine energy when you inhale, while you stimulate your masculine energy with your exhale.

That’s pretty powerful stuff, here. You can use your breath to make love to and with yourself.

The more you breathe, the more you feel.



Your body is a vehicle for pleasure. From the sun on your skin to the sheets you sleep in, or the food you feed yourself, allow all of your senses to take in the experience.

Feel how your body responds to the outside elements. Everything we do is about our senses.

Pay attention to the sensations, and appreciate the subtleties.

More Is Less

Sometimes to experience more pleasure we need to remove the distractions and be present. When that happens, it frees our energy, and we can enjoy life more.

I dare you to kiss the earth and connect with life fully. Life is meant for living and being human is about experiencing the simple pleasures of life.

May the vision of the mermaid inspire you to create more magic in your life.

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