The two minutes that will change your life!



So many books and articles promise to change your life and to make a big difference after reading them. But it takes too long to read them, some of them are really a waste of time, but you know it just when you have read it and have spent your time on it. This article will just take you a couple of minutes to read, but you will be surprised of its influence on your thinking and on your life.



I am not happy – Change something in your life. On the other hand, just change your thinking about your life.

What shall I change? – Anything you like. Choose something which you consider as the most urgent and start acting. A small step forward is much better than just thinking, analyzing and complaining.

I don’t know from what to start – Take a deep breath. At the beginning, try to change something that you are able to control in your life.

Maybe I will be happier when I will have more money? – Yes, but not totally, just in some cases.

Is there something more important than money in life? – Yes, time which we spend with the people who are very important in our life. Time which we spend on the things that are important to us. Don’t forget, wasted time is something you are never able to get back.



I don’t have time for anything – This means you are setting your priorities in life wrongly.

But I should do so many things – Be responsible, don’t waste your time accepting to do things that you are able to avoid. Learn to say “no”.

But I have to do this and that … – If you don’t feel like doing something or attending some event, better to say “no”. You will be happier at the end.

But “X” can get upset if I say no … – It is not your problem. Better to say “no” than to do something or go somewhere against your wish.

But it is not the right time now – There will never be the right time. You can wait for the right time all your life and it will not come. Start acting now. At the end, you will regret that you didn’t start earlier.

Happy relathionships


How to make a good impression? – Look in the eyes. Smile. Be polite. Be nice. Talk slowly. Be confident. Dress up according to the event.

Shall I invite her/him to have some coffee together? – Yes.

But what if he/she refuses? – You will not lose anything. But you will regret it if you don’t try.

What should I say? – Hi, you are a very beautiful/interesting person. Can I invite you to have a cup of coffee together?

We have a very complicated relationship – Break up. You will find a better match for you.

But what if I don’t find a better person? – You may find a much better person tomorrow. If it is complicated today, how will it become better tomorrow? Or in one week? Or one year? Are you ready to continuously struggle? Think about yourself.

He/she broke up with me, he/she broke my heart – But your heart is still beating, this means you will love somebody else even more in the future. You will love somebody who will deserve your love.

What is next?

It is so complicated – I know… If it would be easy, everybody would be happy and have a very happy life.

But I can’t … – Stop thinking this way. You are not able to do something until you believe that you can. Try to do it and you will be able to.

It will not help me – Ok, continue to live your life as you live now.

But I am not happy with my current life – If you will continue doing the same things, you will have the same results. Either we are changing and growing, or we are slowly dying.


When shall I start changing? – Right now.

Have a happy life! Remember, you and only you are responsible for your life. Create your future every day, work for it, and be ready for changes.

Enjoy your life!

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