How To Deal With Anxiety & Stress At Work


Self Care Ideas For The Work Place

Is your job making you sick? Anxiety and stress at work can make your life miserable. Does the thought of your 9-5 make you anxious? Do you lose sleep, dreading the next day? Or worse, do you suffer from anxiety attacks at work? Work-related anxiety affects so many people. In fact over 70 percent of people who say they have daily stress and anxiety say it negatively impacts their lives at work. Source.

How do you cope with anxiety and stress at work? Do you hide in the bathroom until you regain your composure? Go for a walk? Or cry on your way home? Rather than tell your boss you quit, since you probably need that paycheque, I’ve got 10 things that will help you better deal with your work day!

Quitting your job isn’t always an option and isn’t always the best answer anyway. And, maybe you actually enjoy your job, just not the anxiety it brings!

Self-care at work can improve your attitude and reduce your stress and anxiety. Think of it as self-care for success!

Start your day off right. Wake up a little earlier and mentally prepare yourself for the day. This is key! Words have the power to move you. Start with a few positive affirmations, like these:

  • I am in control of how I feel.
  • I am strong and will get through this day.
  • I believe that negative experiences can be turned into a positive learning experience.
  • Today, I will learn to be better, happier and the best I can be.
  • I am energized and ready to slay the day.
  • I release the need for approval.
  • I am unique.
  • I look good and I feel great.
  • I welcome a suportive network that encourages me to succeed.
  • I am motivated.
  • I am blessed with everything I need to succeed.
  • My goals are attainable.
  • I am talented.
  • I am the right person for the job.
  • The journey I am on is leading me to success.
  • I am able to say no when necessary.
  • My time is valuable.
  • My opinions matter.
  • I welcome work-life balance.
  • I am deserving of self-care.
  • I know when to take a break.

Self Care At The Workplace

1. Cheer Up Your Work Environment. Add some beautiful photos, some inspiration quotes, and plants to improve your mood. Happy photos of your family and your pets can bring a smile to your face and a smile is proven to make you feel better. Let in some natural light to pick up your mood!

2. Master Your To-Do-List. Use that Post-Its or other stick-on note pads. Color-code your notes and even put up an alarm in your computer to remind you of priority tasks. The key is to know what to do first, and that’s usually the task you dreak most. Doing the hard thing first, sets the rest of you day up for positivity and productivity.

3. Identify What Triggers Your Anxiety At Work. Is it an upcoming deadline? Public speaking? Your daily commute, or constructive criticism that leaves you feeling anxious? Maybe it’s your unorganized desk or the overwhelming number of emails you have yet to respond to. Keep a daily work journal, write down what you are doing throughout the day and how you’re feeling. When you know what causes your anxiety attacks, you can prepare for them!

4. Give Yourself A Time Out. When you feel your chest tightening, and that overwhelming feeling is coming over you, it’s time to take a breather. If you can’t go for walk outside, take a few moments in the washroom to re-collect yourself.

5. Read Positive Work Affirmations, like these:

  • I got this!
  • I have what it takes to accomplish my goals.
  • Everything is going to work out.
  • The efforts I put in, are what I will receive.
  • I set mini goals and accomplish them.
  • I don’t let a bad day distract me from my goals.
  • I can be anything I want.
  • I can do anything.
  • All of this isn’t for nothing. I’m doing this for a reason… with purpose!
  • I’m grateful for my job.

6. Exercise. Take a quick walk during your lunch break or take the stairs. Exercise is a great way to release built up tension and stress! After work, go for a run or take a yoga class. When you get physical, your body releases endorphins which helps your body relax.

6. Organize Your Workplace. A cluttered workplace will only add to stress. And doesn’t it feel great when you know where everything is!

7. Set SMART Goals:

  • S Specific goals that are well defined and clear on what needs to be done to be accomplished.
  • M Measurable goals allow you to evaluate whether you have achieved your goal or not, and identify any ways to improve.
  • A Attainable goals are realistic. What’s the point of a goal if it’s highly unlikely.
  • R Relevant goals are important to you and your life plans. They make a difference in your life.
  • Time-based goals are specific. They are goals you have a set amount of time to complete, so you are more motivated.

8. Set Boundaries. Communicate effectively with your co-workers and management. Let them know what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. Always keep it professional.

9. Decrease Your Caffeine Intake. I could never cut it out completely, but did you know that coffee is a stimulant (well duh), and that too much of it adds to stress and can even lead to depression?

10. Put On A Feel Good Playlist On Your Way Home! Music is one of the best ways to instantly improve your mood!

11. Get A Good Night’s Sleep. Everything is better after a good night’s rest. Your body is better equipped to handle stress whne you get enough sleep. So make 8 hours, a priority. If you’re having trouble sleeping because of anxiety, be sure to check out my post for sleep tips!

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