How to improve PMS & hormone balance naturally


Can you improve hormone balance naturally?

Our hormones are something that affects us in practically every way.

Our moods, appetite, brain function, how we think and feel, our weight..and they play a huge part in our stress levels.

Growing up, my hormones were always pretty up and down after I turned 14.

My periods where horrible.

Pretty much anything could make me angry or burst into tears, and my cramps were debilitating. I could not keep my skin clear because of excess oil from stress. I also had a really hard time focusing, and keeping my weight under control.

12 years later, and I am just now figuring out how to balance my hormones.

A lot of it has to do with improved diet, exercising regularly, and my secret ingredient: Supplements.

What to do to balance your hormones

I had originally written this post about a hormone balance supplement I took in my early twenties that had fixed my hormones.

That supplement was amazing and really helped me to feel like myself again. Long story short, that supplement is really hard to purchase now, so I had to find something else to use instead.

After having our son and recovering from giving birth, I was really looking forward to taking my usual hormone balance supplement. When I found out that was no longer available, I was devastated.

What was I going to do?

It was the only thing that had ever been able to help me with my hormone imbalance, and I’d been taking it for years.

I decided to start doing some heavy research, and then I made a connection:

Why not take a supplement from a company you already love, and see if that works?

I decided to hop on and see if I could find anything related to hormone imbalance.

How to get rid of a hormone imbalance, pms symptoms

My new favorite hormone balance supplement

I searched through LifeSeasons women’s health supplement section, and found they have quite a few really good supplements for women!

Including one called PreMense-T, a hormone balancer specifically designed to get rid of PMS and imbalance symptoms.

I wasn’t sure if it would work as well as the adaptogen hormone balancer I had taken for years, but it was worth a shot.

My hormone imbalance symptoms

I’ve had a hormone imbalance since I was twelve or thirteen, and it comes with a lot of aches, pains and inconveniences.

My typical symptoms include:

-Bad PMS (moody, irritable, sad, easily brought to tears)

-Excruciating Cramps

-Bloating and water weight

-Inability to lose weight

-Acne (this used to be a lot worse)

(This post contains affiliate links and information about health and wellness involving supplements. To read more about either of these topics, read my disclaimer page.)

Did PreMense-T get rid of my hormone imbalance & PMS symptoms?

It definitely did.

I didn’t feel the effects at first, because like with most herbal supplements, it takes a month to kick in and get into your system.

PMS supplement for women, hormone balance

The first period I had while taking it, I still had PMS symptoms, only because it wasn’t fully in my system yet.

But by the time my next period came around it had started working its magic.

I knew it was working because I can typically tell when my period is coming without looking at a calendar. My emotions will start wreaking havoc, and I’ll start getting cramps.

This time around, I completely forgot I was supposed to have a period soon because I had NO PMS signs whatsoever. My husband even noticed that I seemed happier and more emotionally level.

It has practically erased PMS symptoms from my monthly cycle.

-My periods are lighter

-I don’t feel like crying the week before

-I’ve started being able to lose weight again

-I had no cramps

I have taken a lot of things for my hormones, but this is the best. I feel so much better, and it makes periods much more manageable.

Your period shouldn’t feel like hell each month, and you deserve better than that.

How long does it take to work?

To feel the effects of any natural supplement, you have to be consistent.

That goes for dieting, lifestyle changes, or anything that really matters to you.

If you want to improve hormone balance naturally, you need to realize results won’t happen overnight.

You don’t get results from going to the gym once a week, and you won’t see results the day after you work out.

Hormonal Balance naturally

Getting results requires consistency.

It took me about 4 weeks to start feeling the effects of the PreMense-T.

But after I did start taking it consistently, I noticed the difference.

Natural supplements take time to build up in your system. Once they are flushed out, you have to start over again.

I will only ever recommend things to you guys that I take myself.

Always consult with your Dr. or dietitian before using any herbal supplementation, and take note of how you feel while taking it.

Share this with another Woman

Every woman deserves to know how healthy she can feel, and how vibrant she is.

Fixing our hormone balance is the first step in regaining our strength, and living the healthiest lives we can as women. Don’t go out of commission for a week every month when you don’t have to!

Be sure to share this post with a woman in your life, and give her the opportunity to fix her periods and hormones too!

Let’s spread some joy and vibrancy with those beautiful ladies around us!


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